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Information About APK Sites APK files are used by most Android users. Some people don’t get involved in the APK business at all because of security concerns. Because once the virus is infected, there is no way back, sometimes great efforts must be made. So is it right to be so afraid? We’re telling you from the beginning Are APK Sites Reliable?.
Information About APK Sites There is a phrase that is widely used in comparisons of phones with Android operating systems with phones with iOS installed. “Android is much freer.” There are various reasons for the freedom that does not fall out of the language of users. One of the reasons, perhaps the most important, we can say.

Information About APK Sites Although APK files are very useful, sometimes very strong biases can be fed. Some of these prejudices are justified, some are unjustified. So we decided to put an end to the question marks that arise in the minds by writing an informative article about APK files.

What is APK?

Information About APK Sites APK is actually an abbreviation of the file format that the Android system uses to distribute and install applications, which stands for Android Package Kit (Android Package Kit). It contains the necessary elements for the correct installation of an application on Android devices.

Information About APK Sites Just like the EXE files used in the Windows operating system, it is possible to transfer APK files to Android devices. Already, when you normally download applications through the Google Play Store, the phone also downloads an APK in the background. So there is nothing to be afraid of in the APK name.

Why Are APK Files Used?

Information About APK Sites There are many advantages to using APK. One of the most important dec among the advantages is the ability to access applications that are not yet available. For example, when Google releases a very large update for its app, it may take a while for this update to reach every device.

Information About APK Sites Users whose device they are using has not yet received this update are also referring to the APK files. In other words, it does not wait for formalities and updates the application on its own. In addition, the update we are talking about does not necessarily have to be for a Google application. It can also be done for any application.

Information About APK Sites Another advantage of using an APK is the ability to access applications that are not available on the Google Play Store. The virus problem, which is already one of the biggest reasons why APKs are named, also starts at this point. Because, as with computers, downloading files from each site is not the right move.

Information About APK Sites We have already said that there are multiple advantages to using APK. Now is the time to address these advantages. For example, dec of these advantages include the fact that some applications are not in the Google Play Store. Keep in mind, the only reason an application is not included in the Google Play Store is not because it is not reliable.

Information About APK Sites The reason why the applications are not in the Google Play Store may be due to the geography constraint or the removal of the developer himself. Thanks to APK files, you can install such applications on your phone. As long as you download APK files from the right sites, you also don’t encounter any security problems.

Information About APK Sites Installing APK also has its effects, such as accessing paid applications for free or being able to cheat on games. That’s the most important thing to pay attention to. Because most of the APKs containing malicious software are the ones that are used for this kind of thing. There is so cautious.

Information About APK Sites Of course, we are not saying that viruses will definitely take over your phone just because you have installed such APKs. However, since it is very important that you be careful at this point, we wanted to say a lot about it.

How To Tell If APK Files Are Safe Or Not?

Information About APK Sites As we mentioned above, there are precautions that you can take against the dangers that careless APK use can cause. Moreover, you don’t need to spend long shifts to ensure your safety. All you have to do is do an APK scan through an internet site.

Information About APK Sites One of the sites where you can scan APK is VirusTotal. You upload the APK file you have downloaded to the site, the site takes care of the rest itself. It gives good results, dec Android files are among the most checked files on the site. Keep in mind that the file you are uploading may be no more than 550 MB. In addition, the fact that it has been a Google-affiliated site since 2012 is also a plus in terms of trust.

Information About APK Sites There is one more thing you can do to be safe while installing APK files. For example, you downloaded an APK file, opened the Android Package Installer, and saw an alert. The warning contains the permissions that the application needs. Paying attention to this screen, you can check whether it is asking for an irrelevant permission or not.

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